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Unwanted pregnancy

Unwanted pregnancy?

Then you have a difficult choice to make. Should you terminate your pregnancy? And if you do, which treatment should you choose? At Mildred Clinics, we can help you make that decision. We perform every treatment with the greatest of care.

December 15, 2020
Yes, we are open during the lockdown!
Measures regarding Coronavirus and your appointment

The corona pandemic is followed closely by Mildred Clinics. We are open during the lockdown and will continue to provide care and treatment as best as we can.

Our services are continued with the following precautions:

  1. If you call us, we will ask you if you have any symptoms of a cold with or without fever. If this is the case, the treatment will be delayed, if possible rebooked. When you arrive at the clinic we will ask you once more.
  2. Wear a mouth mask when entering the clinic.
  3. Please disinfect your hands after entering the clinic.
  4. Support persons are not allowed inside the clinic. Exceptions can be made for clients aged under 16.
  5. Clients who need the services of an interpreter are kindly requested to do so by phone. Please have someone available to assist you from a distance.
  6. Our staff will maintain social distancing.

The walk-in clinic is temporarily closed.
Did you intend to visit the walk-in clinic? Then please give us a call on 0031 88 200 73 33 to make an appointment.

Of course we welcome you as our client and we will continue to provide you with the best of care and attention you need.

2 treatments

If you wish to terminate your pregnancy, there are two possible treatments: an abortion pill or curettage. If you are no more than 9 weeks pregnant, you have the choice of both treatments. If you are more than 9 weeks pregnant, then curettage is the only option. During the intake interview, the doctor and nurse will help you choose.

Abortion pill

An abortion pill is a medical means of terminating your pregnancy. You will be given the first tablet during your consultation at the clinic. Two days later you will insert another 4 tablets at home. During the course of that day, the amniotic sac will be expelled and the pregnancy will end. As this will cause cramps and loss of blood, you must stay home that day.


If you opt to terminate your pregnancy by curettage, you will undergo a gynaecological operation at the clinic. You will be able to choose between local anaesthetic or sedation. Sedation is a short, drug-induced sleep ensuring you feel nothing of the treatment. You will spend a total of approx. 3 hours at the clinic.

Treatment up to 18 weeks of pregnancy

You may choose between our clinics in Arnhem and Eindhoven. We can provide treatment from six days after your missed period. If you are more than 18 weeks pregnant, we are not able to help you.

Doctor’s letter

To receive treatment, you must provide us with a referral from your GP. If you do not live in the Netherlands, we will need a statement from your doctor, confirming that you are pregnant. Make an appointment with one of our clinics as soon as you have received your referral. Your appointment will always be at least 5 days later. This period of reflection is required by law and also applies if you live abroad.

Is your period no more than 16 days late?

Then you do not need a doctor’s referral. Neither will the reflection time requirement apply; you can receive treatment immediately.

Mijn MildredClinics

If you have made an appointment with us, you can log in on Mijn MildredClinics. Here you will find more information regarding your appointment and treatment. You can also fill in the questionnaire.


If you are a legal resident or are legally employed in the Netherlands, the costs of an abortion will be paid entirely by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. You must be able to provide valid proof of identity (passport, driving licence or ID card). We cannot help you if you cannot provide proof of your identity.

Are you a temporary or illegal resident of the Netherlands? Or do you live abroad? Then you will have to pay the cost of your treatment yourself. You can pay in cash or by card. For more information about the rates, please contact us.


Abortion treatment is completely anonymous. No post will be sent to your home address and your health insurer will not be informed. Your personal details will be used for our own administration only and to be able to telephone you if there are any changes to the schedule.

We do advise you to confide in someone who can accompany you after the abortion. You are not allowed to drive home alone after a surgical abortion, for example. And you should not be alone on the third day, in the case of a medical abortion.

Arnhem clinic

Our clinic in Arnhem is a ten-minute walk away from Central Station and offers free parking. Treatment days are Monday to Thursday, from 8.30-16.30.

Eindhoven clinic

Our clinic in Eindhoven is a twenty-minute walk away from Central Station and offers free parking. The clinic is also easily accessed by bus and not far from Eindhoven Airport. Treatment days are Monday to Friday, from 8.30-16.30.

To make an appointment or if you have any questions, please call us.

We can be reached by telephone Monday to Friday, from 8.30-16.30. If you would like to make an appointment and live in the Netherlands, please have your citizen service number (BSN) to hand. You will find this number in/on your passport, driving licence or ID card.

If you are calling from the Netherlands, dial: 088 – 200 73 33.
If you are calling from abroad, dial: 0031 – 88 – 200 73 33.

Our addresses

Mildred Clinics – Arnhem location
Sonsbeeksingel 31
6814 AB Arnhem

Mildred Clinics – Eindhoven location
Jan van Schoonvorststraat 20-22
5611 PK Eindhoven

From Eindhoven Airport, follow the N2 motorway and Aalsterweg in the direction of the clinic.

  • With the P1 car park for short-term parking at your back, go straight ahead onto Luchthavenweg.
  • Stay in the right lane and keep going straight (Flight Forum).
  • Follow the road as it bends slightly to the left to stay on the Flight Forum.
  • Take a slight turn to the right and drive onto the N2 motorway
  • Follow the two left lanes to stay on the N2 motorway.
  • Take exit 33 in the direction of Waalre.
  • Turn left at the traffic lights (Aalsterweg)
  • Stay on Aalsterweg (keep going straight at the next three traffic lights).
  • At the next fork, keep going straight, with a slight curve (Stratumsedeijk).
  • Turn right at the second traffic light (Hertogstraat).
  • Turn right at the first opportunity (Hertog Hendrik van Brabantplein).
  • Turn right at the T-junction (Jan van Schoonvorststraat).
  • You will find our clinic on the right at number 22.